About Robert

Landscape photography started about a decade ago for me, although before that I was shooting film since I was ten. I’ve travelled to Iceland, Switzerland, England, the Faroe Islands, The Netherlands, China, numerous other countries, and all through Canada, each time trying to capture their nature with my camera.

This is my (semi-) professional hobby. Over my career I have practiced various forms of technical image analysis, starting with observational astrophysics, spectroscopic imaging, and nanoscale microscopy. I have been a physicist and a Lecturer for the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Science and Faculty of Mathematics. At present I am pursuing a lifelong dream to become a physician, currently training in the MD program at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematical physics (University of Waterloo), a master’s degree in astrophysics (McMaster University), a PhD in physics (Waterloo), and an MBA from the University of Saskatchewan (2017).

I’ve also been very active in the not-for-profit sector, holding senior leadership positions in student associations, and served on the Senate and Board of Governors of the University of Waterloo. I currently sit on the Senate of the University of Saskatchewan.

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